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New to Amazon? Here’s How to Start

December 2017

First, some context. Let’s assume you’ve already registered your seller profile as a “Professional” or “Individual” seller on Seller Central within Amazon. If you haven’t, Amazon provides great resources on this process. Let’s also assume you have listed your available products to sell on Amazon along with some basic bullet point descriptions and a few product pictures.

At this point, you’re ready to kick back and wait for the sales to start streaming in, because, well, everyone is buying on Amazon these days, right? Sure, your products aren’t showing up until the 8th page of search results, but even your neighbor that still sends faxes instead of emails is buying on Amazon, so clearly the traffic is sufficient to get sales.

The days roll on, and finally one morning you wake up, check your inbox, and discover you’ve sold your first widget on the world’s fastest growing online retailer. You expected to be encountering out-of-stock challenges already at this point in the game because after all, you’ve set up your products to be Prime-eligible for 2-day shipping with access to over 46% of U.S. households representing a massive market segment. But the sales haven’t materialized.

Perhaps more time will help. You add a couple more pictures, edit your product descriptions, and wait. Nothing happens, and due to low sales and almost no product reviews, you’ve only moved up to the 6th page of search results.

Your friend that knows someone that works for a digital marketing company suggests you should look at advertising your products on Amazon, so you log back into your account, follow Amazon’s instructions to advertise on Seller Central, and launch your first ad campaigns.

Back to your day job and waiting for your inbox to fill up with orders. Unfortunately, still, nothing happens. Must be a problem with advertising. You change your keywords and budgets, and once again, wait for the sales to roll in.

Sales increase to five widgets one day! Still underwhelming, and you just received the credit card statement you used to finance your inventory. You’re in a pickle, so you start to look for help online and one Sunday night discover several agencies that purport to “help brands grow on Amazon.” Bingo! Solution found!

You fill out the contact forms on several of these agency websites and get a couple response emails on Monday. They suggest setting up an initial exploratory phone call, and during this time you understand that although you love what they can do for you, the cost for working these agencies is 10X what you’re even doing in sales today. No way you can chew off the level of investment they’re asking for, your business partner(s) won’t allow it!


Many companies and brands in this state come to us at Amplio Digital. And while many of them are led by amazing people, building great products with amazing brand stories, and with audacious and admirable goals that we’d love to be a part of, we cannot help them at this stage in their Amazon journey. The reasons vary widely.

Since we were once those same entrepreneurs with ambitious aspirations, we built a roadmap called the “Amazon Playbook for Emerging Brands,” in hopes it provides some guidance for these emerging companies as they navigate the challenging, but often rewarding, maze, that is the Amazon Marketplace. We also wrote it because we want those brands to grow to a point where we can partner with them.

To get access to the Playbook send an email to with the subject "Send me the Playbook!"

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