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Amazon Marketing Services Launches Long Awaited Reporting Features

January 2018

What's New?

Date Range, Placement, and Search Term Reports across campaigns are a few of the new features Amazon revealed last week for Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), their Vendor Central (VC) only advertising platform.

For Sellers out there, this may come as a surprise as many of these features have been available in Seller Central (SC) for quite some time, a clear indication that VC and SC ad platforms will likely continue to grow in tandem.

For advertisers new to AMS but familiar with other search marketing platforms: yes, it’s 2018 and Amazon has only just released date range reporting for AMS.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:

  1. Date Range Reporting
  2. Advertising Reports Tab
  3. Search Term, Keyword, Product, and Placement Reports for SPAs
  4. Separate Reporting for Headline Search Ads

Why's This Important?

Sorry larger brands, this isn’t that big of a breakthrough. Most of this data has been available to advertisers via the API for months now giving many the ability to manage AMS far beyond the UI’s capabilities, so this update mostly serves smaller vendors managing a single AMS account with under 50 SKUs.

That being said, it’s been obvious for a while on the Seller side that Amazon has been making major strides to improve their advertising functionality, and it’s about time that they’ve ported those features over to AMS.

There is one feature we are excited about though that should not be ignored: Placement Reports!

Placement reports will finally allow Vendor advertisers to get a glimpse into their ad position via Amazon’s version of a “top vs other” report, enabling users to bid toward a position. This is extremely relevant, as top of search converts at nearly 300% of “other” placements on the Amazon SERP.

What We Still Want - The Shortlist

  1. MCC for AMS - Vendors should be able to see all of their AMS accounts in a single view. We manage AMS accounts for vendors with multiple brands within a single VC account, and giving our clients the ability to see all those brands’ keywords, products, ads & performance in an aggregate view saves them a ton of time and energy. That being said, a brand shouldn’t have to sign on with an agency just to get access to a high level overview of their performance.
  2. Ad Position by Keyword - This should be a no brainer right? Amazon is a search engine, our ads have a position; this metric should be included in the UI. More granularity means better optimization resulting in higher ROAS, which will lead to more spend for Amazon.
  3. More than 90 Days of Historical Data - Again, we house data for our clients, but this should be open for all. Year over Year comparisons are vital for performance tracking, and should be available without having to download reports on a schedule.

Amazon still has a long way to go to get AMS up to snuff of other search marketing platforms, but we’re excited to see them making in effort. In the meantime, if you need help advertising on Amazon, SC or VC, shoot me an message on Linkedin or email at


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