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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Live

October 2019

As QVC ventures deeper into e-commerce with its own shopping video app (Q Anytime), Amazon has launched Amazon Live to compete. Amazon Live is a channel for sellers and vendors to live-stream shopping video content to Amazon customers. In a short period of time, Amazon Live has amassed hundreds of videos covering a wide range of products from smart gadgets to fashion to toys and home goods.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live brings interactive, live video to the Amazon shopping experience allowing both Amazon hosts and individual brands the ability to engage with shoppers in real-time, and showcase/demo products interactively.

On the live shows, brands can pay to have an Amazon host discuss and demo their brand’s product. Early adopters are often plugging promotions like Lightning Deals, Fashion Finds, and seasonal deals like Prime Day Steals. Vendors and Sellers also have the ability to broadcast their own live streams through a new app called the Amazon Live Creator.

What is the Benefit of Amazon Live?

Amazon Live offers shoppers a QVC-like home shopping experience online. However, this isn’t the first time the giant has taken on QVC. A few years back, Amazon launched (and subsequently pulled) Style Code Live, which was a live show featuring TV hosts solely in the beauty and style industries.

Unlike Style Code Live, Amazon Live covers a wide range of products. Now, live streaming will not only be run by Amazon hosts, but it’s also open to brands that want to reach a new audience and get their products discovered through live video.

As a seller, Amazon Live offers a new way to get discovered. Shoppers can view livestreams on Amazon’s website (, the app on your product detail pages, Amazon Store, and more. Hosts can engage with shoppers in the moment through live chat. Any products that are discussed in the livestream are displayed front and center in a carousel for easy access to purchase.

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How Can Your Brand Get Started with Amazon Live?

Livestreaming is available to all US Amazon Vendors and to US Amazon Sellers who are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. There is a free service that brands manage themselves that's regulated by specific guidelines. In addition, there is also a paid service offered by Amazon where Amazon will help promote your video - including placement on the homepage.

To get started:

  1. Download the Amazon Live Creator mobile app from the App Store (only available in iOS)
  2. Determine the products you want to feature in your livestream
  3. Go live from your phone or an external camera

You can schedule your livestream to go live at a later time, or do it instantly from the app. There is no cost to livestream your products on Amazon on the self-service option. Your livestream will be available to shoppers in a few different locations - your product detail pages (and can be placed on your Amazon Store),, and the app. All livestreams can be found on nested within the content.

You can find a full list of FAQs, a Best Practice Guide and a Quick Start Guide on

If you have been looking for a new and innovative way to reach your targets on Amazon and increase exposure and sales, we suggest giving Amazon Live a try.

Contact Amplio Digital today for more information and recommendation for how to roll this program out successfully.

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