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New Reporting Features for Amazon SBA Campaigns

November 2019

Until recently, the Amazon Search Term Report has only been available for Sponsored Products (SPA) campaigns. This is a valuable report for advertisers on Amazon, and now that it is offered for Sponsored Brands (SBA) campaigns, we can optimize it in the same, efficient way that we already know how to do for SPA campaigns.

What is the Amazon Search Term Report?

If you don’t already know about the Search Term Report, you need to. When used properly, it can have a huge impact on the performance of your campaigns. Here is a quick refresher:

Amazon’s Search Term Report will show you a list of the search terms the customer searched for on Amazon that triggered one of your ads to show. For example, your report may show you that your phrase match keyword “kitchen table” fired your ad to show whenever a customer searched the term “kitchen table and chairs”, and that it resulted in a few sales! If the ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) for that search term is at or lower than your ideal ACOS goal, it would be smart to add the search term “kitchen table and chairs” to your campaign as an exact match keyword. This way, you are directly bidding on that keyword because you know it's successful, and you don’t have to hope that your phrase match keyword “kitchen table” will pick it up every time. At its core, this is the most basic way to optimize your campaigns using the Search Term Report.

Now, there are other steps you can take to further optimize your campaigns more strategically using just this one report, but that’s for another blog post. If you are interested in learning about these more advanced techniques, you can start by reading one of our recent blog posts that describes how the Search Term Report can be useful for implementing a strong negative keyword strategy.

Amazon Search Term Reports are now available for SBA campaigns

With all of the recent hype surrounding Sponsored Brands Ads and how well they have been performing since Amazon offered more inventory, it is exciting to see Amazon offering even more tools to help advertisers get their SBA campaigns to perform as efficiently as possible.

This report looks exactly the same as the one you can download for your Sponsored Products campaigns. The only difference is you now have insight into which search terms your Sponsored Brand Ad showed for.

Previously, if you wanted to add new keywords to your SBA campaigns, the process was much more difficult. You likely had a SPA campaign with the same products in it. This way, you could download a Search Term Report to find converting and high performing search terms that you could add as keywords to your SBA campaign. In theory, this tactic should work for the most part because you are looking at the search terms that converted for the same products that you are advertising in your SBA campaign.

Now, you no longer have to hope that the above tactic works and that it will improve your SBA campaign performance. With the new reporting features for SPA campaigns, the guesswork is taken out of the equation. This report will now show you exactly what search terms converted specifically for your SBA campaign. What's more, adding the high performing search terms as new keywords in the same campaign that the report is for will increase your chances that such optimizations will be successful. This is something that should raise the advertiser confidence as now brands can be sure that all of the work they are putting into finding new keywords will be worth it!

Lastly, the best thing about this new data that is available to advertisers is that there is no additional learning involved in order to get the most out of it. Brands can optimize their SBA campaigns by employing the same tactics that they would normally use when gathering new keywords for their SPA campaigns from the Search Term Report (as described above). It's an easy, yet very valuable new add.

Are you interested in learning more about Amazon advertising and now to optimize for optimal sales? Get in touch with Amplio Digital today for a 20-minute consultation to identify unique areas of improvement that can positively affect your bottom line.


Nicole Carlin
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