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New Reporting Features for Amazon SBA Campaigns

By Nicole Carlin on November 2019

Until recently, the Amazon Search Term Report has only been available for Sponsored Products (SPA) campaigns. This is a valuable report for advertisers on Amazon, and now that it is offered for Sponsored Brands (SBA) campaigns, we can optimize it in the same, efficient way that we already know how to do for SPA campaigns.

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Now You Can A/B Test on Amazon With Amazon Experiments

By Colleen Dorton on October 2019

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Amazon Testing a New “Top Brand” Badge for Products

By Kevin Weiss on August 2019

Similar to Instagram’s “Verified Accounts” symbol, Amazon has been testing a new “Top Brand” badge for products with established brands to help them stand out from competition. Experts speculate that if this experiment advances beyond a testing phase,  brands that are verified by Amazon and receive the Top Brand badge may also rank first in search.

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